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Accidents will happen, what next?

Carpet care tips

carpet stained with a glass of red wine

How to remove carpet stains

Accidents will happen, but it's what you do immediately afterwards that can prevent the damage getting any worse.

1. Always blot a stain, do not rub or scrub. Blot using white cloths only, a colored cloth could create a second stain problem.

2. Act quickly to avoid the spill penetrating to the base of the material. Always work from the outside of the stain/spill towards the centre.

3. When appropriate keep things dry, reach for a soft brush before you use a wet cloth, imagine dry soot on your carpet and the consequences of adding water!

4. Lift off any excess using a spoon or a blunt knife.

5. Always test any cleaning solution in a inconspicuous area prior to use on a stain.

6. Be ready to repeat everything several times and remain patient.

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For Further stain removal advice check out the National Carpet Cleaners Association website.