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The long term benefits of professional leather cleaning

Leather furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, and apart from its lustrous appearance and tactile feel, one factor for its success is the misconception that it is easier to clean and maintain.

Unfortunately this isn't true. In fact, attempting to clean leather with the wrong products can dramatically reduce looks, texture and suppleness – which will shorten your leathers life span.

The good news is that proper leather cleaning by a professional isn't that expensive. This means that not only will your leather suite look far more appealing, but will also last considerably longer.

Fully trained and approved Leather Care & Repair

Leather Training and Technical approved

Fantasticlean has been fully trained by LTT Leather. LTT is a worldwide authority on all aspects of leather cleaning and repair. They are ‘the’ subject matter experts. This gives us the knowledge and skills to get your leather sofa, suite or chair looking its very best.

To ensure you get the best results, we only use leather cleaning products and conditioners that have been recommended and endorsed by LTT.

Fantasticlean can give your leather furniture a professional deep clean and also fully protect it. This will help ensure your suite is always looking its most attractive and will extend its life for far longer!

Your ‘Care and Repair’ service, which can deal with the following:

  • Professional leather cleaning: Fantasticlean provide a range of cleaning methods to suit your particular leather furniture which includes aniline, pull-ups, and protected leathers.
  • Stain removal.  We can usually remove most annoying spots and stains
  • Application of leather protection. The protector we use is extremely effective and helps to resist the effects of daily soiling and body oils. It also helps to maintain a proper moisture balance within your leather.
  • Leather repairs. We can also repair scuffs, rips, scratches, tears and burn marks. These repairs can usually be carried out in your home.

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