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For a truly deep clean, that's totally green

Green carpet cleaners Leeds

Green carpet cleaning

Green Eco friendly cleaning

We all try to do our bit for the environment, so Fantasticlean uses an eco-friendly range of cleaning products that deliver the same results (or better) than their toxic counterparts - without the damaging waste that could pollute our waterways.

All the green cleaning agents we use are free from dyes, phosphates and synthetic fragrances, and contain only ingredients that have been proven safe for the environment.

These cleaning agents conform to the most stringent US 'Design for Environment' guidelines, and are made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

Green cleaning doesn't cost the earth

Although our green cleaning methods do no damage to the environment, they do cost a little be more. If you would prefer this method of cleaning, please let us know when we complete your free survey and quotation.

Reasons to green clean your carpets and upholstery

  • You get the same deep clean results- or better - as the standard toxic cleaning chemicals
  • They may cost a little bit more, but they save damaging the environment
  • All our green cleaning agents are free from dyes, phosphates and synthetic fragrances
  • By not using harsh chemicals, there is less risk of allergic reactions on skin contact

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